The Swamp

A revealing look into Washington corruption

A new documentary finds bipartisan common ground as it follows Republican lawmakers to examine the corrosive influence of money in US democracy.

Deborah Birx

Nancy Pelosi says she has no confidence in handling of pandemic

House speaker Nancy Pelosi escalated an attack on Dr Deborah Birx, a senior scientist on Donald Trump’s coronavirus taskforce, in television comments on Sunday as Birx defended the administration’s handling of the pandemic.

Watchdog alleges “laundering”

Trump campaign illegally concealed $170 million in spending

A nonpartisan watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) on Tuesday alleging President Trump’s reelection campaign broke the law by “laundering” $170 million in spending in an effort to conceal payments to people close to the Trump family and campaign.

John Lewis

Farewell to the lion of the “greatest generation”

John Lewis was a gentle man but a stentorian speechmaker. On Monday, for the last time, his courageous voice echoed in the halls of the Capitol and brought all who heard it to a standstill.

New poll

Approval of Trump's handling of coronavirus hits new low

Support for President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic reached a new low on Sunday as various parts of the country continue to experience a surge in infections, according to a new poll.

Nancy Pelosi

Donald Trump: Mr. Make Matters Worse

Nancy Pelosi played at President Donald Trump's own game Sunday morning by dubbing him 'Mr. Make Matters Worse' in regards to his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ted Yoho

Christian group obtains resignation over Ocasio-Cortez attack

A nonpartisan Christian organisation that seeks to end hunger says it has asked for and received the resignation of Republican congressman Ted Yoho from its board of directors, following what it called his “verbal attack” on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Packets sent to Trump allies

Democrats: Foreign plot to damage Joe Biden

Top congressional Democrats are sounding the alarm about a series of packets mailed to prominent allies of President Donald Trump — material they say is part of a foreign disinformation plot to damage former vice president Joe Biden, according to new details from a letter the lawmakers delivered to the FBI last week.

Donald Trump Corruption

Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me

Woody Johnson, Trump donor and ambassador to Britain, was warned not to get involved in trying to move the tournament to a Trump resort in Scotland, but he raised the idea anyway — and he failed.

Donald Trump

Bush torture lawyer on how to skirt law and rule by decree

The Trump administration has been consulting the former government lawyer who wrote the legal justification for waterboarding, on how the president might try to rule by decree.


House Democrats call for 'urgent' investigation into federal policing

Top Democrats in the US House are “alarmed” by the Trump administration’s tactics against protesters in Portland, Oregon and other cities including Washington DC, and have called on federal inspectors general to investigate.

Fox News

The 55 most shocking lines from Donald Trump

President Donald Trump sat for an interview that aired over the weekend with "Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace, one of the most skilled - and best - interviewers in the news business. It did not go well for the President.

Fox News

Trump's interview will include Biden battleground ads

Joe Biden will run campaign ads during Donald Trump’s eagerly awaited interview with Fox News Sunday. The president sat down with Chris Wallace, one of the most respected US political interviewers, at the White House on Friday, for his first Sunday show interview in more than a year.

Fox News

Trump clashes with interviewer over false claim about Biden

Challenged by an interviewer about his claim Joe Biden wants to defund the police, Donald Trump called for a copy of the policy charter Biden agreed with Bernie Sanders and released this week. The document did not prove his claim.

Ron DeSantis

Florida’s ‘mini-Trump’ under growing pressure

When he ran for governor in 2018 he was not the favorite to become the Republican candidate. But he did. He was then criticized for tying himself too closely to Donald Trump as he faced Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee. But DeSantis won again.

Larry Hogan

Republikanischer Gouverneur rechnet mit Trump ab

Larry Hogan ist Republikaner. Dennoch greift der Gouverneur des Bundesstaates Maryland US-Präsident Donald Trump scharf wegen dessen Krisenmanagement in der Pandemie an – und das ausgerechnet in einer der Zeitungen, die von Trump am schärfsten attackiert wird.


Mary Trump's book breaks every record

Mary Trump's tell-all book had sold a staggering 950,000 copies by the end of its first day on sale, publisher Simon & Schuster said Thursday. That figure, which included pre-sales, as well as e-books and audiobooks, is a new record for Simon & Schuster.

Ivanka Trump

Her love for Goya beans violates ethics rules

The White House has defended Ivanka Trump tweeting a photo of herself holding up a can of Goya beans to buck up a Hispanic-owned business that she says has been unfairly treated, arguing she had “every right” to publicly express her support.

Illegal Voting

Republican congressman Steve Watkins charged with felonies

Steve Watkins, a Republican congressman in Kansas, was charged with three felonies and a misdemeanor related to illegally voting in a 2019 local race. The charges came in a state where Republicans have for years made claims of widespread non-citizen voting, with little evidence.

Police Brutality

Donald Trump: 'More white people' are killed

Donald Trump has once again stoked racial grievances, telling an interviewer who asked a question about the police killing of George Floyd that white people also get killed by law enforcement in the US.

Donald Trump

Resign: Niece says president is dangerous

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump called on Wednesday for the president to resign and said her uncle was dangerous for America.

‘Tsunami of untruths’

Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims

Donald Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims while in office, according to the Washington Post, which identified a “tsunami of untruths” emanating from the Oval Office.


Le Tote

Lord & Taylor Files for Bankruptcy

Lord & Taylor, the floundering department store company that traces its roots to 1826, became the latest retailer to file for bankruptcy protection as the coronavirus outbreak accelerates the demise of chains that were already teetering. The chain was acquired last year from Hudson’s Bay by the clothing rental start-up Le Tote in an unusual $100 million deal. Now Le Tote and Lord & Taylor are both seeking Chapter 11 protection from their creditors in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

United Nations

Trump plans to address General Assembly in person

Donald Trump is likely to be the only world leader speaking live from New York at this year’s United Nations General Assembly debate, scheduled to take place Sept. 22 to 25. The U.N. will be holding its biggest annual event virtually this year, with up to 190 world leaders delivering speeches via pre-recorded video message. As host country of the U.N. headquarters during the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. has a unique opportunity to hold center-stage at an organization Trump has consistently derided, and which at times has returned the favor. Other world leaders have openly laughed at his speeches and been witness to awkward moments, ranging from Trump announcing to leaders that he could “totally destroy” North Korea, to a spat with teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

German Shepherd

Buddy, first U.S. dog diagnosed with Covid-19, dies

A German shepherd in New York that had the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in a dog in the U.S. has died. The 7-year-old shepherd, Buddy, developed breathing problems in mid-April after Robert Mahoney of Staten Island had been sick with the coronavirus for several weeks. A veterinarian tested Buddy in May and found him positive for the virus. Buddy's health declined steadily after he developed breathing problems and thick nasal mucus in April. He was euthanized on July 11 after he started vomiting clotted blood. USDA database of confirmed cases in the United States includes 12 dogs, 10 cats, a tiger and a lion.

COVID-19: Florida

Highest single-day death toll

Florida has reported its highest single-day death toll since the pandemic began, with 186 deaths reported, bringing total deaths in the state to 6,117. The state health department has also confirmed 9,230 new cases, bringing the state’s known total to 441,977. The way Florida collects statistics means the 186 deaths reported on Tuesday did not necessarily all happen on Monday. More than 4.3m cases and more than 148,500 deaths have been recorded in the US as a whole. That source puts Florida second in total cases confirmed, behind California, an early hotspot now experiencing a resurgence.